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Welcome to workout weights, a great place on the web where you can find dumbbells, barbells, and Olympic size weights for sale. We have some of the best prices on the web! Carry both new and used workout weights. If you can’t find a certain weight you are looking for try using our search box above. We appreciate you visiting our fitness store and hope you come back from time to time.

Secret Bicep Workout

Now this exercise you see Arnold Schwarzenegger doing is no secret, but the tips I’m about to tell you while doing it are. While doing the standing barbell bicep exercise, when you do a rep and go all the way up, hold it for 3 seconds then go down very slowly, a lot slower than you would do a normal bicep exercise. Holding the weight at the top of the exercise will help you get a bigger pump, along with the slow negative tension on the way down. I find that this simple exercise is super useful for getting past plateaus and help building bigger biceps and arms.

Secret Ab Exercise

Resistance twists with a resistance band is one of my secret exercises I do for my abs. It’s not a real secret exercise, many bodybuilders know about it, but they don’t do it. This exercise is great for getting the sides of your abdominal muscles and getting more definition on them. You can actually do this exercise with the weight in hand when you’re laying down, but using resistance bands is a lot more comfortable.

Bicep Workout Negatives

This is one of the killer workout a bodybuilder has made to help build big biceps. Mainly involves doing negatives and letting the dumbbell weight drop slowly, while keeping the tension against your bicep muscle. This is a great bicep workout to throw in every now and then to create muscle confusion and get over those plateaus. A lot of bodybuilders use negatives to help build up the muscles.

Female Bodybuilder Photos

More and more women are starting to participate in the sport of bodybuilding. Photos of female bodybuilders are starting to pop up all around the web. This is overall good, may be this can cause an impact on obesity event in America. Too many women are overweight and eating unhealthy diets. So what women need to be doing is working out more and dieting correctly. Sports such as bodybuilding will help female women back on track and be and overall healthier person.

Dexter Jackson Arms Muscles

Take a glance at the 2008 Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson. He’s known as “The Blade,” because of his cunning physique. From head to toe Dexter Jackson is packed with serious muscle. He’s not only one Mr. Olympia competition, but bodybuilding competitions all over the world. He’s a three-time Arnold Classic Champion. I figure muscle Dexter Jackson has to be as big arms, which includes both the biceps and triceps.

Strengthen Elbow Muscles with Hammer Curls

When you’re working out your biceps with Hammer curls, you are also strengthening the muscles in your elbows as well. You know that pain you get from working out with heavyweights in your elbows, you can prevent that by incorporating Hammer curls into your workout routine. I’ve always enjoyed Hammer curls because they are a lot your to do and keep your wrist in the neutral position, which does not cause carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. Hammer curls in my opinion I the best bicep exercise.

Double Head Bicep Muscle

Building big biceps is not easy, trying to build double head biceps with definition like this bodybuilders arms is even harder. Some of the bicep exercises that help you build that peak bicep muscle you’re looking for is the sit down bicep concentration curl and the standing alternate dumbbell bicep curl. When I’m at the end of the rep I will squeeze my bicep muscle to get that extra pump, I believe that this can help develop that peak bicep muscle.

Build Big Biceps

Building bigger biceps is no easy task, it involves dieting correctly and working out every week. Some of my favorite exercises when I work on my biceps are standing barbell curl and standing dumbbell weights curl. Sometimes I will swap out these exercises with the preacher curl, to help avoid injuring my elbows in providing support for my arms. When it comes the dieting I will eat high-protein foods such as chicken, steak, and fish. Avoiding a lot of carbs will help you put on more muscle than fat. So every time I eat, I will eat vegetables with my lean meat instead of other junk food. If you’re looking to build up your biceps quickly, workout your biceps every other day, leaving the one day for rest for the bicep muscles to recuperate.

Cool to be a Bodybuilder

It’s becoming evident that many people are taking on the sport of bodybuilding just for cosmetic reasons and to be cool and get attention. This is the wrong thing to do. This can lead to taking supplements such as steroids and other illegal supplements such as HGH. When you take on the sport of bodybuilding you should think about trying to make your body healthier and in shape. Not just having a bigger muscular body for attention purposes. There’s too many people in the world ruining the sport of bodybuilding for the wrong reasons.

Chris Evans Workout Routine

Chris Evans has sure shaped up for the role in Captain America: The First Avenger. After seeing his last starring role in Fantastic Four, we kind of knew that he would have the perfect body for the role as Captain America. Many bodybuilding fans are wondering what workout routine Chris Evans uses to get his body ripped and in shape for movie roles. Chris Evans has built his life around working out every day, not necessarily worrying about exercises, just concentrating on dedication and hard work. He does a lot a cardio and free weights though. Which are great ways to get your body in shape.